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Being the face and voice of your own Corporate Video

Our desire to connect

With technology continuing to advance in its current tumultuous trajectory; as consumers, we are pining for genuine human interaction. 

Yes, fast-food chains have sprouted up on every corner. However, the growing demand for craft restaurants, hand-made products, and personalised experiences are indicative of one thing. The gloss of the industrial revolution is starting to fade. We want the human connection back. We like the idea of chatting with a night club owner who we know on a first-name-basis, or purchasing home-made organic products from a qualified nutritionist who quit her corporatised job. 

How does this trend affect a company?

Well, you can no longer hide behind the opaque facade of a corporation. Certain business owners find a sense of comfort in this anonymity, but it is a practise they need to shake off to survive.

Some of the most successful brands on this planet are anchored by personalities. Be it Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, or Facebook. There is no dearth of evidence of how certain individuals have used the power of their Personal Brand to transform a company into an icon of capitalism.

Voicing your own Corporate Videos

We believe that, with the exception of actually meeting someone one-on-one, a story told through video is the most human form of communication out there. Good Corporate Videos are perfect for breaking down complex communication objectives. But a Corporate Video voiced or anchored by the ownership itself is extremely powerful.

We have motivated our clients on numerous occasions to voice their own Corporate Videos. On every occasion that we have done so, the results are amazing.

Here are a few of our Corporate Videos that are great examples of this practice.

If you found this topic interesting, you will find these two episodes of the Lazaro Podcast (our parent company) very informative.

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