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Using corporate video content to accelerate your marketing efforts in Canada

The Problem

There has never been a more relevant time to utilise the power of video in your marketing quiver. In fact, given the state of the Canadian economy and the looming threat of a recession. It is essential that corporations and brands utilise the power of corporate videos to make an effective connection with not only potential customers or clients but also with their employees.

That being said, video has mostly been relegated as a tool to engage customers at the top of the marketing funnel. It is very rare to see promotional videos or explainer tutorials that instruct and orient a customer with processes or steps in your customer journey. Even when you see a video of this nature, especially amongst brands in Toronto, it is more often that not dry and boring content.

The Solution

There is a way to create content outside the advertising space that is engaging and memorable. The minute you remove the power of story of from your corporate videos. You are left with material that is best used by a Sleep Therapist to cure insomnia.

Here are two videos that were produced for a Home Interiors brand.

You will notice that the content is highly technical, the communication objectives are clearly a long list of fact that can easily turn into a boring ineffective video. With the use of humour, we were able to create not just two, but a series of explainer films that educated the customer on various aspects of this companies products.

This manner of communication is very useful in building credibility. Once created you can share these videos on Youtube. You can also create vertical  edits that suit social media platforms like Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. Snippets can be edited down for reels across these platforms. Most importantly, you can share a version of the video optimised for Whatsapp directly to a prospect and give yourself the chance to engage in a followup conversation.

If you are a brand or corporation in the Greater Toronto Area, be it Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville or Vaughan, reach out to us to help ideate video content that can help you reach out to the long list of fence-sitting customers who have’nt yet closed a deal with you because they have their doubts. Give them that last jab over the edge. We can help you with that.

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