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How effective should your Corporate Videos be? – to create the desired impetus for your Online Marketing  

As a business owner and corporate executive you would understand the importance of marketing in today’s highly complex business environment – especially online. An environment that has taken marketing and promotion into a more effective league as far as market permeation is concerned, vis-a-vis the marketing era prior to the advent of information technology, the internet and smartphones – an era when offline marketing was all that one had to work  with. 

In fact, online marketing today has doubled because of additional customers who are using the latest smartphones and tablets, apart from existing laptops and desktop users – who still discern and make their marketing decisions in the latter realm. This phenomenal expanded outreach – and communication advantage – is further augmented and made very useful for you as a marketer, as your customers now have an unprecedented choice to access your marketing content at any time of day or place of their convenience, without you having to be present; and therefore your customers would be in the right frame of mind to make serious purchasing decisions. So you are now able to literally market 24 hours of the day. In addition, today’s plausible  technology and creative capability of engaging customers with powerful mobile-friendly video productions are unprecedented and remarkable. Albeit, accessibility is only half the battle won, as a combination of interesting content, brilliant storytelling and the caliber of the video production is crucial. That is where we at DCAM – a Bangalore based corporate video production company – come in.      

You can now fire away with both engines, in a manner of speaking – using both Offline and Online Marketing.

The challenge and demand for good corporate videos today, whether for marketing or promotional enduses is paramount and crucial. Videos that address specific or composite demographics, that may comprise of a mix of : 

1 – New, prospective, repeat customers or clients. 

2 – Videos that tell the marketing story in a unique and therefore memorable manner. 

3 – Videos that create the right demand, that generate more sales, and increase profits, as their natural consequential outcome.  

Therefore, your choice of corporate video maker should rest on their track record of setting corporate video benchmarks that are high across these three parameters. 


So only a good track record of producing such successful corporate videos in this highly competitive and level global playing field ( online ) is adequate proof of concept. Bear in mind target audiences in this vibrant online realm are exposed to the best of the best, in corporate movie making and therefore, only the best videos can attract this generation of globally exposed and motivated consumers.

The vehicles that carry these movies are ideally : weblogs and podcasts; where they are shared more on social networks while simultaneously improving your business’s ranking online.

So what are marketing departments and their corporate video makers up against – intelligent individuals armed with smartphones and tablets, who surf the internet, and watch blockbuster movies while consciously tuning out just about every marketing strategy you can throw at them? As such, all the more reason for you – as a first step – to choose a corporate film maker in India who has successfully sailed through this mediums inherent storms by delivering bottom line results especially for startups and large corporate companies who intend to maintain their presence and strategic advantage in the discerning minds of customers in a highly competitive market. – END


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