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KPMG US – Corporate Video


“Intra-company Storytelling”


Who was this for?

This Corporate Film was shot and produced by DCAM for KPMG’s US team. KPMG is a world-renowned professional accounting service company and one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), and PricewaterhouseCooper.

What problem did we solve?

As is the case with most multinational companies; KPMG has invested in a large workforce in Bangalore who is handling what they call Tax Offshoring Services.

Only a handful of executives from the US team are actively involved with these outsourced operations. The need of the hour was for us to collate a comprehensive story about what happens in India so that executives and top management from KPMG could be kept abreast with the functions and benefits of this outsourcing model.

How did we do this?

Working with the US team, we chartered a script that outlined the primary communication objectives that were to be presented and proceeded to shoot was is inarguably a quintessential Corporate Video.

Voiced by a key member of the US team; we shot the film under tight security measures. Since KPMG deals with personal, private financial data; security protocols were followed to the ‘t’ to ensure that client confidentiality is maintained.

After being presented at an internal KPMG Conference in the United States, we received feedback that it was highly appreciated. Most Offshore Service teams within KPMG made typical powerpoint presentations; this presentation was apparently a breath of fresh air. This film started a revolution within KPMG, after which Teams from across the world, including the UK team, commissioned similar films from us.

DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd shot and produced this film.

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