U&I | It’s Worth it Campaign | Part 1 | Corporate Video

U&I – Corporate Video

Who was this for?

This Corporate Video was shot and produced by DCAM for U&I. U&I invests in children from underprivileged backgrounds with courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Under this umbrella,they run 360 Program where children are given a holistic education through science camps, field trips, art workshops and career building workshops, in order to build their confidence. Today, U&I reaches 850 children in 10 cities across India.

What problem did we solve?

U&I’s main driving force are young volunteers who are looking to make a difference. We wanted showcase what volunteering for U&I would really feel like. But instead of sugar coating the experience with flowery words and false promises we decided to be honest.

Giving your weekends to educated the under privileged is not going to be easy, but the satisfaction you get for making this sacrifice is definitely ‘Worth It’. The aim was to make volunteers understand what they were actually signing up for. 

How did we do this?



Writer – Kanchan Bhattacharya
Director – Kanchan Bhattacharya
Post Production – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Production Head – Prashanth P
Sound Design – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Editor – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Actors – 

This film was produced and shot by DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd.



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