The Bagpack ‘Investor’ Promotional Film – Part 2

Bagpack Suites

“An engaging live action explainer video.”

Who was this for?

This promotional video was shot and produced by DCAM for Bagpack Suites; an investment Startup based in Mumbai, India. The company provides investors with a unique investment opportunity in the Real Estate domain that results in far greater returns than what conventional Real Estate investments manage to generate.

What problem did we solve?

Bagpack Suites approached our parent company Lazaro to envision their entire collateral kit. This film and the two other that we produced play an integral part amongst the various components envisioned and implemented by Lazaro.

Bagpack had the first mover disadvantage of explaining a service that was new to the market. The need of the hour was an explainer video that would effectively communicate this unique offering. However, we were sure that producing a conventional animated explainer video was not going to cut it. This format of explainer videos has become quite stale, widespread and overdone. We wanted to produce an explainer video that would stand apart without any of the visual and vocal cliches attached to an explainer video.

The secondary challenge which was apparent as soon as we decided to adopt a live action route was the fact that Bagpack had no physical product or office space that we could shoot at.

How did we do this?

We decided to use humor and physical analogies to lighten and simplify what was essentially a heavy investment-related discourse. With a series of props that helped to articulate a point and a cast of two actors who played off each other we broke down the overall message into three separate films.

One meant for Corporates who are the actual end users of Bagpack’s products and two films dedicated to private investors. Anyone who watched all three would definitely leave with a very detailed understanding of what this startup was all about.

We incorporated a great deal of motion graphics to emphasise essential concepts and facts. The shoot was shot on green screen in Bangalore.

This is the second part of the Investor Film, you can view the first part here

Crew Credits

Writer – Jude Nicholas Lazaro
Director – Vivek Madan
Post Production – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Production Head – Prashanth P
Sound Design – Mark Von Reddy
Editor – Jude Nicholas Lazaro & Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Makeup – Ralph Daniels
Actors – Alistar Bennis & Swethanshu Bora

This film was produced and shot by DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd.


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