TVH Oro | Promo Video | Chennai, India | DCAM

“Showcasing a Space via Film”


Who was this for?

This Promo Video was shot and produced by DCAM for TVH. True Value Homes (TVH) is one of the most admired realty brands in South India; with projects in Chennai & Coimbatore. This promotional film was for one their projects located in the Adyar region of Chennai.

TVH was launching a new range of super luxury homes called Oro. TVH Quadrant was the first in this line up of high end Residential Complexes.

What problem did we solve?

As mentioned above, in the wake of launching this new line of homes; this Corporate Video was commissioned to not only tell the story of TVH Quadrant, but to showcase the product. At that time, TVH Quadrant was nearly at a stage when customers could move in and start their interiors.

At a price point and calibre that attracted many NRI’s; it was important for an individual residing abroad to be able to experience what the project was about in remote. This was the challenge that we as a corporate film company were commissioned to accomplish.

How did we do this?

With over three days of shoot in Chennai. We covered the area and the building with Drone Footage. We created a pseudo walkthrough of all critical aspects of the project. We also captured the construction work that was still ongoing at the site.

Our challenge was to not only up sell the project, but also the Adyar region. We chose to use an international voice over artist to voice the brand. This of course was a decision that was broadly made across all collateral and corporate promotional material that showcased the Oro lineup.

Script – Jude Lazaro
Production Head – Prashanth P
Drone Pilot – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Gimbal Operator – Jude Nicholas Lazaro
Cinematography – Mark & Jude Nicholas Lazaro
Editor – Jude Nicholas Lazaro
Voice Over Artist – Sal Yusuf

This film was produced and shot by DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd (A Corporate Video Production Company based in Bangalore, India).

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