Muraly Srinaryanathas is an entrepreneur in the spaces of education, finance, entertainment and so much more with a specialization in immigration. From his own immigration journey, Muraly understands the loneliness and confusion that comes from moving to a new country. Investing in new Canadians and their needs is important in giving them an opportunity to succeed.

“In that confusion, there is a beautiful opportunity that I believe what Canada is: where all these different cultures mix together, learn from each other and create a wonderful society.”

Join the Institute of Canadian Citizenship as we celebrate Canada’s Difference Makers.

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As a newcomer to Canada myself, who just recently moved to Toronto and setup home in Mississauga, I relate so much with the content in these videos. My family and I have personally enjoyed using the Canoo app.
I’m glad to note that following the successful completion of this video campaign, we have been commissioned for a slew of other video productions with the ICC which we will post soon to our website.

This documentary was edited by us at DCAM Productions, a video production company based in Mississauga. It must be noted that we only edited this campaign, it was shot by another party. Go to for details.

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