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Carmen Steinberg is a Leadership Advisor helping businesses to overcome challenges at the executive level. Her family embraced everything that it means to be Canadian. Carmen experienced the open doors to experiences creating memories with those she loves so dearly. And that is exactly what Canoo and the Institute for Canadian Citizenship strives to do every day.

“All these things that, maybe as a Canadian you take for granted, but as an immigrant, really allow you to start experiencing your country as something beyond just a place that you landed.”

This was part of a series of three videos produced for the ICC’s new campaign Canada’s Difference Makers. You can view the video featuring Adrienne Clarkson here.

Future Canadians are Canada’s future. Newcomers are younger and better educated than the average Canadian. They’re responsible for almost 100% of population and labour force growth.

If Team Canada isn’t appealing to newcomers anymore, our future prosperity is in jeopardy. Canada’s Difference Makers is a campaign in support of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Amidst record declines in immigrant retention and plummeting demand for Canadian citizenship, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship is restoring Canada’s appeal to the newcomers who propel us forward.

As a newcomer to Canada myself, who just recently moved to Toronto and setup home in Mississauga, I relate so much with the content in these videos. My family and I have personally enjoyed using the Canoo app.
I’m glad to note that following the successful completion of this video campaign, we have been commissioned for a slew of other video productions with the ICC which we will post soon to our website.

This documentary was edited by us at DCAM Productions, a video production company based in Toronto. It must be noted that we only edited this campaign, it was shot by another party.


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