KPMG US | Comical Corporate Video | J Walking

KPMG US | Comical Corporate Video | Jaywalking


“Using Humour in Corporate Communications”


Who was this for?

This Corporate Film was shot and produced by DCAM for KPMG’s US team. KPMG is a world-renowned professional accounting service company and one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), and PricewaterhouseCooper.

What problem did we solve?

The team in charge of KPMG’s India presence wanted to produce a light-hearted, comical video that would bring a smile to its employees across the world.

How did we do this?

Working with the Jacob who is the anchor of this film, we collaborated with this innate comic timing and ability to be pure fun. It was his idea to parody the world-famous segment of Jay Leno’s “Jay Walking” that is seen on the hit talk show “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.

Given the fact that his name was ‘Jacob’, he went about the premises with our camera crew asking unsuspecting employees questions in a very similar fashion to Jay Leno. The results were hilarious. Don’t forget the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a hilarious homage to Benny Hill at the end 🙂

You will not see a lot of films of this nature in the Corporate world. We consider ourselves lucky to have been part of such a fun and genuine film.

DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd shot and produced this film.

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