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Corporate Video Production in India from a Brand Building Perspective

To begin with Corporate Videos in relation to “brand building” is not just the playing field of large corporations, in fact, they are more crucially needed by startups to make it to the major leagues. Hence getting familiar with its vast range of creative possibilities, the medium’s amazing communication efficacy and its return-on-investment vis-a-vis other mediums of communication, is vitally beneficial.


Videos are a way of life, not just restricted to instructional, educational and promotional videos. At DCAM – a Bangalore based Corporate Film Production company – we can make videos to meet any marketing and communication objective. 

Take blog post videos, for example; sometimes your blog videos can be jam-packed with helpful information, and at other times, they can simply convey a desired nebulous or subtle corporate message that your brand stands for, a message pointing to some unique intangible corporate values that will positively benefit your customers.

Strong branding needs to be an integral part of your marketing strategy if you want your growth to overtake your churn. This is how video can help in three key stages of brand development :


Differentiation: With the overwhelming competition for customer attention on the internet, its exponentially becoming more difficult for businesses to stand out. What with social media, consumers do not only expect this ability to stand out from major brands, but from small and medium brands as well, so all companies need to be aware of this syndrome if they are to compete.


Retention:  There is no better way (than using film) for a brand to build a stronger relationship with customers, which will develop into trust and ultimately to brand loyalty. 


Growth: A brand that customers are familiar with will allow more creative risks to be taken with video that will produce more returns at peak moments in your business’s development. Here you can see that this is an amazing Marketing Tool.


Today video is the foremost method of communicating brand messages online. As such discerning businesses need to take advantage of this medium’s unique capacity to make your marketing goals a reality. 


If you are a business in India that needs this magic touch; get in touch with us at DCAM to learn how you can strategically build a strong brand using the power of video. 

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