The Immersion India Promo Film

The Immersion India Promotional Film

“Using visual storytelling to explain your product.”

Who was this for?

This documentary-style, Promotional Film was shot and produced for Immersion India; a Travel and Tourism Startup based in Bangalore, India. The company is focused on curating and crafting immersion tours in India for International Students from across the world.

DCAM crew member seen shooting footage for Immersion India's Promotional Film

What problem did we solve?

Immersion India approached our parent company Lazaro to envision their entire collateral kit. This film was an integral part of various components envisioned and implemented by Lazaro.

When we first met Immersion India, they were facing the most common challenge that every startup faces. They had a product idea for a very specific target audience, but with no proof of concept.

The main individuals who needed to be sold on this product were the professors and Heads of Departments of Universities across the United States who had the power to decide on what tour and which country their students should visit. The idea was to create a compelling story that would increase the probability of them not just choosing India as a destination, but more importantly entrusting Immersion India with the job.

How did we do this?

The only way to use video to possibly convey the gravitas and experiential wonder of a travel tour was to shoot an actual tour. We embedded a very discreet 2 member crew on one of Immersion India’s first tours. This particular tour that we were a part of was put together for a 10 member team of management students from the University of Central Oklahoma. The idea was for our crew to experience this journey and capture it from the viewpoint of a fellow traveller.

To make things even more discreet; we decided to strip down our gear to the basics and use equipment that would make a crew member resemble a typical tourist with a DSLR. We thought this was very important since India has the rare ability to gather a crowd the minute there is a whiff of anything that resembles a film crew. We did not want to alter or adversely affect the experience that the travellers on this tour had signed up.

The tour pivoted around six days of study sessions, covering visits to Information Technology Parks, Industrial Sectors and the Rural Belt around Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg. It also involved a leisurely trip to the north for a packed three-day visit of heritage destinations around New Delhi and Agra.

The trip was a memorable one for our crew they came back with experiences, new friends and several hard drives worth of video and photographs. The next challenge was to pour through hours of footage and tie together a convincing story.

Fortunately, the students were required to maintain travel journals. These were very useful to us while writing. We chose one journal that was penned by Julie Coughlan. Julie had jotted down every little magical moment and every little jarring experience that she came across. The myriad of emotions that Julie went through inspired the voice over for the video. India is essentially not a vanilla experience, it has so many facets and sides to it, some that make you smile, some that make you cry, some that make you feel on top of the world. The kaleidoscopic nature of our country was the very reason one should experience it. This was the hook we base this entire story on.

Crew Credits

Writer – Jude Nicholas Lazaro (based on the travel journal of Julie Coughlan.)
Cinematographer – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Production Head – Prashanth P
Sound Design – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Editor – Jude Nicholas Lazaro & Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Voice Over Artist – Jordan Reynolds

This film was produced and shot by DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd (A Corporate Video Production Company based in Bangalore, India).

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