Behind the Scenes – The U&I Promo Video – DCAM

This is a sneak peak behind-the-scenes at the Promo Video shoot that DCAM produced for U&I. To view the final film click here.

Who was this for?

This Corporate Video was shot and produced by DCAM for U&I. U&I invests in children from underprivileged backgrounds with courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Under this umbrella, they run 360 Program where children are given a holistic education through science camps, field trips, art workshops and career building workshops, in order to build their confidence. Today, U&I reaches 850 children in 10 cities across India.

What problem did we solve?

One of the main driving forces of U&I is its large, young volunteer base that are the true heroes of this organisation. To keep the gears moving, U&I needs a constant outreach program to enlist more volunteers.

This film was intended to gather the attention of like-minded youth who felt the need to be a part of a movement like this.

How did we do this?

This Corporate Video, which could also be considered a Promotional Film; was shot in the U&I offices in Bangalore, India. Besides the initial green screen sequence, the entire film is shot in long uncut, extended takes.

As you can well imagine, there were a number of takes that the cast had to go through before all the variables fell into place.

Writer – Kanchan Bhattacharya
Director – Kanchan Bhattacharya
Post Production – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Production Head – Prashanth P
Sound Design – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Editor – Mark Nicholas Lazaro
Actors – Abel Matthews and the entire set of volunteers and children from U&I

This film was produced and shot by DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd.



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